Beta Team

Would you like to be a trainee by participating in a collaboration?

Periodically I take on not-for-profit and experimental projects where we all muck in for the love of it. Sometimes these jobs are the most creative and fun of them all as they don't have a commercial agenda!  When they happen I look for work experience assistants to help us get the job done. You won't be making tea, but actually gaining valuable experience on set, shopping, working alongside me making bespoke props or helping me research. I'll share my knowledge with you and you'll get some industry contacts of your own as well.

This is a great entry-level way for us to get to know and evaluate each other. I can also work with your school course to help you earn a credit.

If you would like to be contacted whenever I have trainee opportunities, please tell me a little about yourself and where your areas of interest are. I'll have an opportunity for you very soon!