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Circlular Design and Art Direction



London-based Production Designer Blair Barnette has designed and art directed major film and television productions in The UK, USA and across Europe, working with renowned directors such as Lynn Ramsey, Jim Sheridan, Ben Wheatley and Lisa Gunning. Her commercial work spans fashion, home decór and developing promotional music videos with a bold visual identity for strong female and gender-fluid characters and musical artists.


Blair’s earliest work was as a scenic designer for NYC off-broadway theatres and independent operas, which then transitioned into many years crafting chargehand scenic art and puppetry for Henson Studios, Sesame Street and Nickelodeon. 


Outside broadcast media, Blair also creates large interactive environments from recycled materials and live foliage and shows privately as a fine artist. She is a passionate advocate for circular design and sustainable practices.


Blair is currently the Chair of the British Film Designers Guild, committee member of Artscenico and a member of Women in Film and TV.





USA +1 (213) 438-9545

UK  +44 7790 682 567

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